Parts & Pedals

BBE “Two-Timer” Analog Delay sold

Analog Delay in pristine condistion in original box, used one time, power supply 110V,works with normal 9V european supplys or battery

Boss DD-2 Digital Delay sold

Used and beat up but works 100%

Boss DM-2w (new in box) sold

Boss DM-2w new in box, i compared the original Boss DM-2 with this new DM-2w and i must say Boss did a hell of a job, the new one sounds exactly like the old one

Dyna-Quick Tube Tester Model 600 (1960) Sold

Dyna-Quick Tube Tester Model 600 complete with Instruction and Schematic, works 100%, 110V

Echo Chamber sold

Echo Chamber mit Kassettentechnik, eine Tonbandkassette läuft als Bandecho

Harp Drive from TonoMatic (Antifeedback Device) sold

Great device to reduce feedback, you can also use it to go directly into a P.A. system, works very good

Kinder “Maximizer” sold

Harmonica Maximizer von Kinder, zur Anpassung der Impedanz von Crystal Mics

Lonewolf Harp Attack sold

Lonewolf Harp Attack used in good working condition  

Premier Logo 20,- €

Premier Logo used at mid 60’s Premier amps, made out of dental resin, usually in white, but any color available

Radial “Big Shot ABY” (2016) 75,-€

Pedal to connecting two amps without humming

Reverb Unit from small Supro Amp (mid 60’s) sold

This Reverb Unit was taken from a small mid 60’s Supro amp, with classic RCA connectors, works great

Shure Replacement Cartridge R198 25,-

Modern Replacement element for all bullet Shure mics, in original box with manual

Shure Replacement Element R57 sold

Replacement Element R57 in original box with Data sheet

Shure Transformer Model A86A (1950’s) 35,-€

Shure Transformer NOS in original box

Skip Simmons preamp Sold

small preamp by Tech wizard Skip Simmons,  get a big fat Harmonica sound used by Kim Wilson among others, 110V

The Squeal Killer “Antifeedback device” for harmonica sold

almost mint condition, check SquealKiller homepage for more details, 220V hardwire version

Yamaha DDS-20 Digital Delay sold

Works great, one of the best sounding Digital Delays available