Alamo Model Amp 3 (1960) sold

Alamo Model Amp 3  (1960) Kleiner Champstyle Amp mit ca. 5 Watt. Technisch komplett gewartet. Original Jensen speaker, 110V  

Danelectro Commando 8×8″ speaker (1953) Sold

one of the rarest Danelectro amps, 8×8″ Rola speaker, about 25 Watts 4x6V6 power tubes

Danelectro Pioneer Model 15 (early 50’s) sold

15 Watts Danelectro Tweedamp with 1×12″ speaker, great Vintage tone, 110V

Dynacord “Amigo” (1964) sold

great sounding amp for harmonica, all original condition

Dynacord “Amigo” (1968) 480,-€

Kleiner Dynacord Amp mit 2×8″ speaker, sounds great, 220V  

Dynacord DA-15 (early 50’s) sold

Super rare DynacordDA-15  amp, the only one i have ever seen in Tweed 15 Watts pure tube tone

Dynacord KV-10 (1952) Sold

Nice Dynacord KV-10 with full service, cover missing, great amp for a small price

Dynacord KV-12 (1960-62) sold

Dynacord in mint condition, complete Telefunken tubes, Tonemonster 12 Watts, 110-220V  

Dynacord KV-6 (early 50’s) sold

Very rare Tweed Dynacord amp, about 6Watts, Champ Sound in an absolutly georgous package, 110-220V

Dynacord MV-15 (1955) sold

MV-15 in perfect condition, 15 Watts pure tube sound

Dynacord MV-15 (1962) 399,-

Small amp “Made in Germany” about 15 Watts

Fender Bandmaster 3×10″ (1959) sold

One of the rarest Fender Amps available in a dream condition, original schematic, 3×10″ P10R Jensen speaker, same datecode on all three, 110V, 100% pure vintage sound,  with matching cover

Fender Bassman (1956) 6500,-

Early Bassman with two inputs, 45 Watts, two rectifier tubes, two 6L6 power tubes

Fender Bassman (1959) “The Holy Grail” sold

Let the pictures speak, a piece of history in “perfect” condition, if you dont mind the signs of almost 60 years hard labour, four Jensen P10R, the amp got  a 3 prong powercable, 110V, schematic,trannys, speaker all original

Fender Bassman Reissue (1993) sold

Bassman Reissue in perfect condition, original set of Eminence blue Alnicos, first series of Fender Reissue amps, 220V

Fender Blues Deluxe (1994) signed by Kim Wilson sold

Original Fender Blues Deluxe from 1994, 100% function. signed by Kim Wilson

Fender Blues Deville 4×10 (1994) sold

great working amp, 4 MOD Jensen speaker, complete service, plug&play

Fender Blues Deville 4×10 (1995) sold

Great original condition, 4×10″ Eminence speaker, rare white Tolex version

Fender Blues Junior III (2010) sold

mint condition Blues Junior III with original Fender cover, used one or two times

Fender Champ-Amp (1965) sold

Champ-Amp with full service, classic Fender Sound

Fender Champion 600 (new in box) sold

Fender Champion 600, new in box, never used, 5Watts

Fender Deluxe-Amp (1952) sold

Fender Deluxe amp, wide panel , rare 5B3 model, original P12R Jensen speaker

Fender Princeton Reverb Amp (1965) sold

Princeton Reverb Amp from 1965 with 12″ Jensen C12Q, 220V

Fender Super Amp (1960) 3750,-€

very rare transitional Super-Amp model 5G4. Everything inside is still tweed era only the outside is brownface era.

Framus Solo (early 50’s) sold

Very rare Framus amp, made in Germany, almost mint condition, loud little monster

Gibson BR-9 (1954) sold

All original Gibson amp with full service, check pics

Gibson GA-8 “Discoverer” Goldpainted Version (1961) sold

Believe it or not this amp got a custom colour. I got the original papers for the amp. I think someone spray paint the amp in the Gibson factory with the rest of a Goldtop, haha anyway amp is in almost mint condition 8Watts into a 12″ Jensen speaker, little Tonemonster

Harp Train 40 400,-€

HarpTrain 40 in mint condition

Kay Model K503A (late 50’s) sold

small Champstyle amp, with 8″ Jensen speaker

Lectrolab R700C (1963) sold

one of the best sounding amps for guitar, if you are looking for a Hollywood fats Kind of a Sound,then this amp is what you are looking for 35Watts into 1×15″ Jensen Speaker, yes Baby

Lisheng “Blues 50” (2010) Sold

Champstyle amp with 1×8″ speaker and about 5Watts, pure Tube Sound Made in China, 220V

Masco EMM-6 preamp (early 50’s) Sold

very rare Masco preamp with three 12AX, rest of the story see pics, 110V

Masco MA-50 (late 40’s) sold

Masco MA-50 PA-Head with four 6L6 power tubes and 50Watts pure tube tone, this one is rare and a real tone monster, 3 input and 4 output, adapter for output included but not in the pics, 110V

Masco MAP-15 (1946) sold

Very early Masco Combo, 1×12″ Jensen Speaker, about 15 Watts, Tonemonster

Masco ME-8 (1947) sold

Masco ME-8 (ca. 10-12 Watts) two 6V6 instead of one 6L6, with complete service, 110V 3 prong cable, two inputs, two speaker out with 4 and 8 ohm with nomal guitar jacks, killer tone for harmonica

Multivox “Bass Combo Amp” (late 60’s) sold

Multivox “Combo Bass Amp” sounds absolutly amazing for harmonica, loaded with one 12″ Eminence Fender speaker, if you are looking for a Twin 8 Premier harp sound then you are on the right track, the Premier 8 and the Multivox have the same schematic, but different speaker configuration

National Amp (1954) sold

Champstyle amp with 5 Watts and one oval Speaker, great tone for recording, mint condition

Premier 50 (mid 60’s) sold

Champstyle Amp ca. 5-6 Watts, big fat tone for harmonica

Premier 71 (1963) sold

1×15″ Jensen speaker, about 35 Watts great for guitar and harp, 110V

Premier Twin 12 (1964) sold

15 Watts two 6V6 power tubes, great vintage tone, two Oxford speaker

Silvertone 1432 (early 60’s) sold

10-12 Watts, 1×12″ Oxford speaker, great vintage tone, 110V

Skip Simmons preamp Sold

small preamp by Tech wizard Skip Simmons,  get a big fat Harmonica sound used by Kim Wilson among others, 110V

Steelphon “Mustang Special” sold

4×8″ italian made tube amplifier, about 12 Watts

Steelphon Junior (mid 60’s) Made in Italy sold

2×8″ Weber C8RS-4 speaker, about 10 Watts , little screamer, good for studio and small gigs, nice warm vintage tube tone, 220V

Supro “Big Star” (1964) sold

Supro “Big Star” this is the original from 1964, 40 Watts two 6L6 pure tube sound with Reverb and Tremolo, amp comes with complete service, 3prong cable and two new 12″ Jensen C12Q speakers

Supro Spectator (1956) sold

Supro “Spectator” in mint condition, tonemonster

Valco “Comet” (1953) sold

Champstyle amp 5 Watts into a 1×10″ Rola speaker (datecode 285341= 41.week of 1953), everything is original, amp got full service, i installed a transformer on the bottom of the amp for 220V, rest of the story see pics